Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Breath

I'm up really early. I'm excited. Today I'm driving to Omega and tomorrow I'm leading a weekend workshop there for participants for the first time (I've been teaching yoga to staff there for a few years). It's Mother Daughter Yoga and I've been a bit nervous about it.

My daughter came up with the guidelines for who should be in the workshop over a year ago. She's 11 now. She wanted to be with like people. We made the age suggestion between 8 and 16 years old. That's a really big range. We'll be doing some partner work and if there's a big size difference, the poses will work differently, and this we know because we've led the workshop many times in town. But just for an afternoon, not a whole weekend.

I imagine there'll be younger girls who will still hold hands with their moms and cuddle up and there will be older girls who will be sitting with folded arms and would rather be somewhere else (I'm thinking of my own kid - my co-leader!) I imagine there will be moms who are hoping they'll get to cuddle with their early-teen and will be disappointed when they won't get to touch their kid outside of the class (that's how I'm feeling!).

By building the workshop the way I have, there are natural ways for the moms and daughters to connect with touch as well has have time on their own. I'm really hoping it goes close or better than planned but I'm nervous that it won't and I'll be struggling to keep the workshop on course rather than just gently nudging the outline, the way a pilot keeps redirecting a plane in flight.

When I get to Omega today I will be among my friends. After working there for years a long time ago and in more recent years coming down for shorter stays, I've got a number of people I'm connected to who are there on staff. So I'd be excited to go down to Rhinebeck even if I weren't leading a workshop. But to go down as Faculty, that's something else. It's a Big Deal in my Little World.

I wrote to one of my friends down there yesterday and mentioned that I was a bit nervous. He said he gets nervous beforehand and that even last week, Elizabeth Lesser was nervous before leading her workshop. So I'm in good company. I know it's normal to feel excited and/or anxious.


laura nerenberg said...

I look forward to a time when my daughter and I can do mother & daughter yoga. Mom & baby yoga will soon be coming to an end because before I know it, she'll be crawling around the studio -- it's just a matter of months... btw -- Isn't there a great ice cream place or two in the Rhinebeck area? Dairy Creme and Moo-something-or-other? Have a sundae for me and have a wonderful workshop!

April said...

Jamine -
I love that photo.
Have a great time at Omega. We'll miss you and look forward to your return.
Good luck with the mother/daughter gig. My newly 12-year old is balancing precariously on the line 'tween' my little girl and my teenager.
I struggle with 'come here-go away-come here-go away'. It is a stage that I've been through before with my now 20 year old (gulp!) and it's not my favourite.
Doesn't make it any easier to watch them pull away, but there is still comfort in knowing that our little girls are still just under the surface, for now.
Have a great holiday.