Monday, December 10, 2007

Cold Yoga

Well there's "hot yoga," and today I led "cold yoga." The poor guys at the Canadian Police College. They're on a special course, most of them away from home taking a 3 week Senior Police Administrator's leadership training and they get yoga as a special treat and the gym there us unheated. Freezing cold it seems. It's hard to relax when it's cold.

So today we did lots of sun salutations and standing postures and I kept it going pretty quick so they didn't have time to cool off too much. I even wore socks for most of the class myself. First time for that.

But what a drag during the relaxation. It's difficult as it is being in a non-yogic setting, let's call it, but with no heat, it's asking a lot. They seemed to enjoy the class still, but I would have liked them to have had a chance to really relax a bit more. Oh well.

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