Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why I Post so Many Pictures of my Dog

If you see me on Facebook or spend any time on Twitter, you'll know I post a lot of pictures of my step-dog, KC. "Why does she post so many pictures (and amazing videos of her dog)," you might be wondering. The simple answer is because she lets me. You know who doesn't let me? My kid. My amazing 16-year old daughter who's young and beautiful and funny and smart, and who doesn't let me post any pictures of her or talk about our lives together.

So sometimes I'm quiet because what's going on in my life involves other people and I don't get to say. Even the good stuff! I can take the selfies, I just can't post the selfies. And I think that's great and smart and everything.

When she was little, we didn't have Facebook yet - imagine! So all of the people coming up behind me who are happily posting their kids' messy faces and snowy trips will be in for a surprise when their teen finally puts an end to the posting - as they will and they should!

As a full-time mom it's hard not to want to share what's happening. I can tell you she got her G1 license and we've been driving a lot. She's a great driver! Official drivers ed is coming up soon.

You might get to catch a glimpse of me and my kid on Twitter - we actually interact there. Teens don't do much Facebook anymore and I didn't get the hang of Snapchat, so we tweet to each other sometimes.

KC turned 9 yesterday. I let her bring home a big stick from the park in the car, which normally isn't allowed. She seemed pretty happy. But she always seems pretty happy. Life as a lab seems to be like that. So here are some KC photos for you, from me. Hope she makes you smile :)


laurie said...

I hear you. 100%. Black dogs are not terribly photogenic (not nearly as photogenic as the teenager) but they are willing. And they don't mind if I name them on FB. My 11yo sometimes still lets me share but the days are numbered. I need to take a photography course and figure out how to make black dogs better subjects.

Bren Murphy said...

Wow - I like the idea of posting a picture of your pet every time instead of your children - makes for more privacy in a way.

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