Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stressing out about Stress Reduction

It's amazing how stressful it can be to discuss stress reduction! Context is important here - talking to a hundred people I don't know - who are coming to a talk I'm giving for a Women's Leadership Development Series this Friday. I'm not so worried about the content - I've delivered it lots of times before - but usually to smaller groups and in a more comfortable setting.

What's killing me in the preparation is what to wear. I'm serious. I'm a yoga teacher! I used to manage a lululemon store so I've got tons of yoga pants and I'm really used to walking around in bare feet. As shoes, I have Blundstone boots. If I'm not wearing yoga pants, I have jeans or pyjamas on.

Here's my chance to get dressed up a bit and I'm freaking out! My life is built on being casual. I don't dye my hair, I have no callouses on my feet from uncomfortable shoes, and I'm not even sure if my iron works if I can actually find it. So I've been out shopping. I've gone everywhere from an outlet mall while I was in the States a couple of weeks ago to high end stores on Richmond Road to local malls and even Value Village. And I'm still not comfortable.

I've left my "styling" for so long that I really have no idea how I want to come across. I can get away with being a crazy yoga teacher with my pants rolled up and my ankle boots showing because I get into class and take that stuff off and make it work. But putting on a jacket? A suit? Polyester pants? This thing is happening on a Friday and that's casual day, isn't it? But I'm the presenter. Probably should be dressed up a bit.

I've been a self-employed yoga teacher for so long that any old "business casual" stuff is either way out of date, but less workable at the moment, is that stuff no longer fits. I've been in a happy relationship for a few years now and I'm bigger! My pants are usually super-stretchy so they've lasted the test of time, not so with my old business suits.

So what to wear... I've received good advice and I'm taking it. The latest thing someone said was Big Earrings. I barely wear jewelry anymore so I'll have to dig around to find something. I'm not going out and buying a suit I'll wear for one day. Plus it would need tailoring and it's getting too late for that.

As a mom I've spent so much money on getting my daughter new clothes that I've put my own clothes-buying on hold. It's no long an excuse but for years I spent time getting her new things and not for me. It hasn't mattered! But as a result, I'm not even sure where I'd shop if I were into it and had the cash. I'm not even sure what I'd like to look like or what sort of style I'd even have if I wasn't just doing what had to be done. I am not fully self-expressed when it comes to clothes at the moment and I can't even remember a time when I was!

New page! I call turning a new page! I will look into finding a look!


Holly Bruns said...

Looking forward to seeing what you found! Kim might have some inspiration for you: I find as I get older, I haven't a clue what to wear any more.

Jamine Ackert said...

Holly! I love the outfit for April 3 - I just got myself a jacket at J Crew that has that feel. But that's not what I'm wearing tomorrow. I got a top this morning at Flock, which is a sister store to Workshop so I'll be wearing a local, Canadian artist and I already feel better about it.

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. Sometimes I think to myself, "what would Ellen wear?" and then it looks like April 3 on and that feels about right! But not for tomorrow. I'll get some pics and post them.

Boatylicious said...

Big earrings!! I love that tip and totally agree, particularly when combined with a big tote purse. By the way, my sister's been doing this kind of work with women around town, i.e. finding their "look," so you're DEFINITELY not alone!!

Holly Bruns said...

I love the stuff at Flock. I wish I was a adventurous as these ladies!

Mama X said...

What makes you so inspiring to me is that you are one of THE most experienced yoga gurus in Canada and yet, like a regular gal, you give yourself permission to stand in your closet and freak out about what to wear to an important event. You are so wonderful, so real and when I feel like my life is upside-down I think of you and just get on my mat.

Jamine Ackert said...

Thank you for your support! I ended up finding something really cool at Flock on Wellington. I'll post some pictures soon.

Annie Bananie said...

I love Flock and it's unique designs. Whatever you wear will be great. It is your wit, charm and wisdom that will shine through.