Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer in the City

There's not much to say about it. It's summer in the city. In this city, what it means for me is that I don't have to wear heavy layers when I go out. I can open the door and just go outside without a lot of preparation or fortification. I find that so relaxing and freeing. It takes less time to get places because there's not a lot of prep involved and I can manoeuvre around quite easily.

We are in a bit of a drought here in eastern Ontario, which is probably pretty bad and a sign of global warming and stuff, however, what it has meant for me is that each day has been sunny and dry for over a month. No cold days. No chilly wind. Just nice weather. So I've gone to the beach a lot. I haven't ever known Ottawa as a beach town - but it is! There are even live bands at some of our beaches.

I also decided to make friends with the sun. Without being unreasonable like spending too much time in the sun, I've chosen to not be afraid of the sun and let it kiss my body gently. I've gone to the beach a lot and just read a bit of a book or had a chat with a friend, or just laid on the sand and felt the heat come up through my blanket.

I like to remember that I'm a creature on a planet. This planet with this atmosphere, with my skin colour and age, and I'm just letting the planet hold me. It's turning out to be a great summer.

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