Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I like to teach yoga. I don't like to do the paperwork associated with my job, however. And that's not even totally true. I don't really mind the paperwork, I just often leave it alone and wait to do it in batches. So things get left until past the last minute sometimes. Other times I'm on top of it and things are invoiced on time and papers are put away and emails are sent and I'm in alignment :)

Today was one of those days of getting into alignment. As I'm typing I'm remembering just one more invoice that needs to be sent out. It's nice having a job and direct deposit and and all of that. This isn't that kind of job. It's not a job really at all, except in a way that it's a bunch of things all cobbled together. And that's how I like it, otherwise I'd do something else.

Sometimes I think of that. If you've been reading you know I think about that. My latest store idea is a shoe store on Dalhousie. That street badly needs a shoe store in my opinion. I'd open a store and I'd call it "Dalshoesies." I think I might just do that. That would bring on more of the Administrationasana though. Totally. I figure I could still teach yoga...

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April said...

Love the shoe store idea!
Maggie is frustrated (and maybe Remi feels the same way) that there is no clothing stores for their age group. She finds the selection either too baby-ish or too old (she's missing the anatomy to fill things out).
We were talking about opening a store called Be-Tweens.
Not quite young enough but not quite teenagers either. This might save us all from having to buy size 00 clothes that are still too big and carry an adult price tag.
See you tonight!