Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Luc Got Deeksha

Deeksha, also known as Divine Energy Transmission or Oneness Blessing is something my buddy, Luc, is now empowered to give to others. He just got back from India the day before yesterday and I've got to say, the man has some stories to tell.

I love getting together with Luc because his adventures are so fun and different than what most of my other friends are doing, and they're stories I can totally relate to. Hearing his stories also brought back memories of my own travels to India and some of the wild things that happened along the way.

But back to Luc. He experienced some energy thing last summer at Omega with Arjuna Ardagh, a fairly well-known teacher from Sweden. After that experience he signed up for the training in India, which just finished. He went to Oneness University near Chennai, south India for a 21-day process, where he received daily deekshas, got zapped continuously, had many heart-opening experiences, chanting bhajans and having many wonderful experiences. He thinks of deeksha as another tool for transformation, one that can help accelerate the awakening, raising your level of consciousness, and experience a sense of oneness as opposed to separation. Luc says, "It is actually a neuro-biological process where the activity in the parietal lobes is decreased and the activity in the frontal lobes is increased." (I'm not totally sure what this means but it sounds really good.)

So earlier today he did a little chant and put his hands on my head and gave me deeksha! I did feel a bit of sensation around my third eye while he was chanting and the top of my head felt a bit tingly while he did his thing. Luc says it works gradually and you can sometimes feel the "benefits" over time if you do it regularly. (He did it again just now before he left and we could feel it a little more this time.)

I like Luc. And I like the things he's into. I'm into them too. And I like to be a bit of a skeptic and be more conservative in my outlook sometimes. And it's fun for me to know Luc's out there investigating these phenomena. I love hearing the stories first hand.

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